Sensei Paul with the “whistle of power!!”
Do your best and have fun!
Junior section ready!
So how did we do then?????
Well done gang!
Awaiting final results.
Now it’s the Senior Cadets turn.
Pairs section ready to go!
Now it’s Mums and lasses turn!
Junior leads the way with Dad following!
Dadas and lads rule!!
Father and Son ready to go!
I’m with you Dad!
Watch out -here come the ladies!
Fierce competition fron another all ladies entry!
Last but not least —- a mixed pair.
Well done gang!!
Adult ladies line up.
Senseis Kylie and Kieron demonstrate Nipeipo
Satisfied smiles!
Feeling good!
Tense wait.
All finished.
Hooray time for the Buffet!!
Awaiting the result of the Junior Shield.
The winner and his worthy opponents.
Well done young lady!
Junior Shield finalists
Who won the senior shield???????