Ready for the Chevin assault.
Water break half way up.
Senseis Kieron and Kylie willing us on.
WE can!!
Zetsurin! Remember the “matchless,peerless,unequalled” meaning of the word is what we are all striving for (together!!)
Who can do it?
Just another minute!
Time to go.
What a view.
Mmmmmm! Fish and chips for tea!
We ordered the very best of weather.
Great backdrop (fab group in the foreground too of course!).
Time for Jackie Chan and Jet Li!
Family training.
A well deserved Fish And Chips after a long days training.
Free time.
Full of beans after the film (waiting for Hot Choc and marshmallows!)
one and all!
Getting lighter
A new day dawns.
This is how we did it….
Different view of the world.
“Ooooh ooooh oooh – I wanna be like You hoo hoo.” Sensei Lewis being “The King of the Swingers”
Is it really that time??
Onesies rule!
Not bad once we got there.
Early morning kata practice in gorgeous surroundings. No Kiais as we didnt want to wake the locals!
….and it worked
Bright eyed and bushy tailed….
Stretching at 6.15am before the River Run
Bunkai session with Sensei Lewis
Your highly trained catering staff are ready to serve you!
More Bunkai practice.
Warming up for the demonstration.
Tucking into the end of Gashuku BBQ
Demonstration fight to finish from Senseis lewis and Kieron
Tents all disappearing
Sensei Kieron with a well earned bevvy in hand